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Pinot Grigio Barrel-Aged Wine Vinegar

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This wine vinegar is made using the Orléans method, developed in the 14th century. To start fermentation, oak barrels of wine are inoculated with a “mother of vinegar,” a cellulose glob loaded with acetic acid bacteria from an established vinegar. Periodically, vinegar is drawn off and fresh, high quality Pinot Grigio wine is added. The process continues until all the alcohol is converted into acetic acid. This meticulous method makes for the most flavorful wine vinegar because it gives the flavor compounds time to develop and mature. Made exclusively by Aceto Varvello in Northern Italy, this vinegar is very well-suited for pickle brines or to brighten butter-based sauces. Its smooth and subtlety sweet flavor provides an unobtrusive foundation for delicate citrus vinaigrettes.

Acidity: 7.1%

Notes: 7.1% acidity is standard in Europe for best in class wine vinegars.

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