Spanish Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Medium Intensity

Crush Date: Apr 19, 2019

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Crush date: April 2019
Medium Intensity

The Aguilar Green Arbequina is an excellent, spicy, fresh, medium-robust Arbequina. The oil has both ripe and green flavors. The aroma highlights are green grass, and herbaceous and floral undertones. It has the pronounced nuttiness, buttery-ness, tropical and ripe apple fruit flavors balanced by very grassy and herbaceous aromas of green apple and mint. This oil is well-balanced and complex with many aroma nuances and tastes super fresh.


*Polyphenols: 294 / *Oleic Acid: 62.29 / *DAGs: 95.6

*FFA: 0.13 / *Peroxide: 6.6 / *PPP: < 1.0

*As measured at the time of crush

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment:

Blue Olive Rating: 97

Fruitiness: 8.5

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This is a delightfully unusual Arbequina that was harvested very early in the season. It has almost no ripe fruit character. It tastes very dark-leafy green with herbaceous, green tea, nettle and woody flavors. It is also quite bitter and pungent. Arbequina is a highly aromatic, small, symmetrical and dark brown olive when ripe. In Spain, it is mostly grown in Catalonia, but it is also grown in Aragon and Andalusia in addition to California, Argentina, Chile and Australia. It has recently become one of the dominant olive cultivars in the world.

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