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Spanish Cuvée Blend - Robust Intensity

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Crush Date: October 2019

This oil has a nice fresh herbal and floral aroma. It is a medium-robust oil with fairly strong fruitiness, bitterness, and pungency. The green fruit characteristics are dominant, but the undertone of ripe fruits gives it a pleasant roundness and depth. The herbaciousness is very complex with many different subtle flavors of grass, artichoke, green apple, green banana, mint, and tomato leaves, but the tastes that stand out are green tea, nettle, woodiness, and black pepper.

Chemistry Analysis:

*Polyphenols: 405 *FFA: 0.2 *Oleic Acid: 70.2
*Peroxide: 5.8 *DAGs: 95.4 *PPP: <1

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment:
Fruitness: 5.7

* As measured at the time of crush

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