Due to supply issues, we are currently unable to offer our 200ml bottle size as of June 1st. They will continue to be sold in both store locations until supplies last. We apologize for any inconvenience and we hope to have this size available in the future.

Our Mission

The Blue Olive is a family-owned olive oil and vinegar tasting room located in the villages of Pawling and Cold Spring, New York. We aim to bring to the Hudson Valley an array of the purest vinegars and extra virgin olive oils from around the world.

In Europe, where a great deal of our Northern Hemisphere extra virgin varietals are grown and crushed, extra virgin olive oil is a culinary staple. It completes almost every traditional Italian, Greek and Spanish dish and elates the palettes of those enjoying the bold and flavorful meals created with this healthful Mediterranean necessity. As well, our Southern Hemisphere olive oil varietals display amazing quality, and are certainly on par with their Northern counterparts.

At The Blue Olive, we aim to bring the olive oil and vinegar tasting experience to you in the only way we know how – authentically, honestly and purely. We only source our oils and vinegars from the most reputable growers and mills, and rotate our oils from Northern and Southern Hemispheres twice a year to ensure optimal freshness. Moreover, all of our Ultra Premium, infused and fused oils are certified by The Orthodox Union as Kosher.

In addition to our extra virgin olive oil varieties offered from around the world, we offer fused and infused olive oils as well. This means that the flavors you taste within the olive oil come directly from the fruit, vegetable or herb itself – all naturally infused with no artificial substitutes.

All of our fused, infused and pure extra virgin olive oils are lab-tested for polyphenol counts (antioxidants), oleic acid counts (omega-9 fatty acids), FFAs (free fatty acids), as well as other purity markers, which ensure you’re getting the most healthful and purest of products.

Our dark balsamic vinegars are aged for up to 18 years in chestnut, oak, mulberry and ash barrels. Like our bright and tangy white balsamic vinegars, they too are free from unnatural and unnecessary additives so that you can taste the purity of the vinegar itself. We also offer wine vinegars crafted from wine in regions renowned for the finest grape production.

To enhance your tasting experience, we also offer infused sea salts and other gourmet items to complement the wonderful complexities of our olive oil and vinegar products.

Why The Blue Olive, you ask? Because taste should be an experience. From pressing to bottle, the superiority of our olive oils and vinegars goes beyond the ordinary to take you on an extraordinary tasting journey. In a world of mediocrity, The Blue Olive is the exception.

We invite you to come in and taste these quality products that set us apart from the rest.